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October 24-25

University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia, USA


Narratives and Metamorphoses: Forms and Transformations


Keynote: Dr. Ronald Bogue


     The Comparative Literature Department at the University of Georgia is proud to invite you to participate in our first meeting of Compass: The UGA Comparative Literature Forum. Compass is a platform for scholars and students in comparative literature and related fields to share their research, exchange ideas, network, and engage in opportunities for professional development.


     This year’s theme will be Narratives and Metamorphosis: Forms and Transformations. It will explore the fluidity of narratives and the different forms they can take. Though narratives evolve and change over time, in different spaces, and through various media, the motivations – or impulse – behind narrative and self-expression is constant and universal. We seek to understand the dynamics of these transformations and variations, and engage with the narrative in both a literary and interdisciplinary way.


     We seek papers that explore the forms and manifestations of the narrative in various cultures, media, and contexts. Some examples of topics that papers can address are:


Narratives and Identity
Narratives and Memory
Postcolonial Narratives
Narrative and Feminism
Narratives and Sexuality
Narratives of Marginality
Narratives of Liminality
Narratives in Popular Culture and Media
Science Fiction and Speculative Narratives
Travel Narratives
Oral Narratives
Narratives and Digital Media/ Cyber Space
Narrative and Globalization
Special Panel on Narratology


     Papers will be organized into sessions of three to four speakers. In addition, there will be a special Panel on Narratology which will be followed by an open discussion.


     We invite submissions by scholars at all academic levels, and especially graduate students. You may submit your abstract via this link The deadline for submitting your paper abstracts (250 words) is May 31st, 2015. If you are invited to speak, we will ask you to submit a full version of the paper you intend to present by the end of September. The registration fee for the conference for non-students is $25.


     Decisions will be announced by the second week of July 2015. Selected papers will be considered for publication in the winter issue of the UGA Comparative Literature Journal, Compass. If your paper is selected for publication, you will be asked to submit a final version of it by the first week of November.



     We look forward to seeing you at the conference!


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