Hyangsoon Yi

Basic Information

Curriculum Vitae:
148 Joseph E. Brown Hall
Selected Publications:

“Neither Mountain Nor Marketplace: Placing the Buddhist Nun in Contemporary Korean Literature.” International Journal of Korean Studies 6.1 (2002): 151-165.

“Journey as Meditation: A Buddhist Reading of O Chŏng-hǔi’s ‘Words of Farewell.’” Religion and Literature 34.3 (2002): 57-73.  

“Yŏnghwa rŭl t’onghan pulkyo ŭi ihae (Understanding Buddhism through Fiction  Films) Piguni 3

Piguni wa han’guk munhak (Buddhist Nuns and Korean Literature). Seoul: Yemunsŏwŏn (in press). 

Areas of Interest:

Korean literature and film, modern Irish drama, and Buddhism and arts.

Hyangsoon Yi received a Ph.D. in English from Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in language education from University of Georgia. Her research interests include Irish drama, Irish and Scottish Travelers, nomadism, narrative theory, Korean literature and cinema, Japanese cinema, and Buddhism. She has published articles on Irish drama, Japanese cinema, and language pedagogy. She is currently writing a book on itinerancy and Irish drama.

Research Interests:

Korean literature and film, modern Irish drama, Buddhism and the arts