Karin Myhre
Associate Professor

Basic Information

Curriculum Vitae:
248 Joseph E Brown Hall
Selected Publications:

“Wit and Humor” in Columbia History of Chinese Literature, Victor Mair, ed. New York: Columbia University Press, 2001, 132-148.

“苗繪精神:繪畫中神、鬼、  妖的圖景” (Picturing Spirits: Images of Gods, Ghosts and Demons in Chinese Painting), 唐宋的佛教與社會-寺院財富與世俗供養 2001年6月,北京大學, 上海美術出版社,2003 (Merit, Opulence, and the Buddhist Network of Wealth, Shanghai: Fine Arts, 2003), 442-453 (in Chinese).

"Monsters lift the veil: the transformation of Chinese animal hybrids" in Asa Mittman and Peter Dendle, eds., Ashgate Compantion to Monsters and the Monstrous, 2012, 217-236.

Karin Myhre received her Ph.D. in East Asian Languages from the University of California, Berkeley. She studied at Peking University as well as National Taiwan University. Her research interests include humor and ghosts in Chinese drama. At the University of Georgia, she was selected as a Lilly Teaching Fellow and is currently the co-principal investigator on a major grant from the National Science Foundation.