Minh Trang Thi Nguyen
Instructor of Vietnamese

Basic Information

137 Joe Brown Hall

Trang Nguyen is an Instructor of Vietnamese. In addition to Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Vietnamese language courses, she also offers an Introduction to Vietnamese Literature.  She completed her M.Ed. at the University of Georgia, specializing in Teaching Additional Languages (TESOL) and World Languages Education.

Her primary research interest focuses on how ESOL teachers can support English language learners in content areas. Through data collection, video recording, and interviews with middle school students and teachers, she has explored how ESOL teachers can effectively support new language learners in gaining access to academic literacy.

Prior to earning her degree in the United States, her educational and professional experience include six years of teaching Vietnamese as a second language at Vietnam National University to international students and scholars. She has also taught Vietnamese in Tokyo, Japan, where she studied Japanese and collaborated with Japanese students to develop teaching materials.

Previous research projects include field research about ethnic Cambodian/Chinese Vietnamese living in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, in which she collected information about religious beliefs, religious art, and local festivals centered in the pagoda. She also performed field research with an ethnic group in Don Duong in the highland region of Dalat, which was followed by writing a thesis describing the sentence structure of the Chu Ru language.

Research Interests:

Vietnamese language and literature, World Languages Education, TESOL