Sam McCracken
Graduate Program

Basic Information

Sam is a current M.A. student in the Department of Comparative Literature. His current research interests are quite broad, but at the moment, he is most engrossed in questions of "digital culture," popular culture, and the nature of art-making processes online. 

Sam's ongoing M.A. thesis examines the contemporary, global production and dissemination of poetry and poetic forms on Instagram.

Languages: English, Spanish (Superior), Portuguese (Intermediate), Korean (Novice), French (Beginning)


Research Interests:

Relationships between the text and image (adaptation, illustration); Internet culture and "play" online (memes, remixing, the cult of the personal, social media); poetry and poetics; film and television; translation; myth and myth-making


B.A., Spanish (Language, Culture & Society), with Honors, Georgia State University (2017)

B.A., English (Literary Studies), with Honors, Georgia State University (2017)