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Want to learn a language spoken by more people than speak English and Spanish combined? Want to communicate with people in one of the world’s largest economies? The Chinese Program in the Department of Comparative Literature offers both a major and a minor in Chinese Language and Literature. Study of Chinese gives you access to a culture and history shared by nearly a fifth of the world’s population and to one of the longest continuous literary traditions. Study-abroad in Asia is encouraged. Courses include introductory and intermediate language, literary Chinese, and courses in Chinese and Asian literature and culture.


The program pays equal attention to the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Graduates will be able to read diverse Chinese texts as well as discuss complex social and literary issues both in spoken and written Chinese.. 

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Chinese Courses

Elementary Chinese I

Fundamentals of grammar, pronunciation, composition, and conversation.

Elementary Chinese II

A continuation of Elementary Chinese I.

Intensive Elementary Mandarin Chinese

Development of fundamentals of Chinese speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Emphasis will be placed on gaining basic linguistic competence in order to travel and study in a Chinese- speaking setting.

Chinese Culture through Language

Understanding Chinese culture through exploring common situational dialogues in Chinese.

Intermediate Chinese I

Intermediate grammar, reading, conversation, and composition.

Intermediate Chinese II

A continuation of Intermediate Chinese I.

Intensive Intermediate Chinese Language

Practice in Mandarin Chinese conversation, reading, and writing skills.

Chinese Culture and Language

Fundamentals of Chinese language and culture.

Advanced Chinese I

Advanced grammar, reading, conversation, and composition.

Advanced Chinese II

A continuation of Advanced Chinese I.