Deadline for submissions: March 17, 2014.

1. You must be an undergraduate or graduate student at the time of submission.

2. Papers should be no longer than 6,000 words (roughly twenty double-spaced pages).

3. Papers must be in English (they may include quotes in other languages as long as a translations are provided).

4. Papers must be comparative in nature and conform to the mission of our discipline: an interdisciplinary, multilingual examination of the world through literature. Papers must fall into one of the following categories:

       a. examine two or more authors/texts from different places or cultures (e.g., Poe and Baudelaire; Baudelaire in Swahili)

       b. examine non-Anglophone literature (e.g., on Baudelaire)

       c. examine sources not in the traditional literary canon (e.g., historical documents, ethnographies, oral histories, testimonio).

       Methodologies from other disciplines (anthropology, history, communication studies, psychology, ecology, etc.) may be employed.

5. Please include a 100 to 200 word abstract with your submission.

6. Please use MLA formatting style. In-text citations in parentheses, e.g.: "You know him, reader, that delicate monster" (Baudelaire 8). Here's a good MLA guide.

7. E-mail your submission to Attach your paper as a Word document, or paste it onto the body of your e-mail. 

Deadline for submissions: March 17, 2014.