Misson Statement

As a discipline, Comparative Literature has changed dramatically over the last century and will continue to evolve. The goal of Xenophile is to be on the forefront of comparative scholarship, and publish articles that explore literature in innovative ways, highlighting parallels between texts from a diverse range of cultures. Students strive to create a body of exemplary essays that respond to literature on a global scale.

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While the form and shape of this journal may evolve to reflect the needs of the literary innovators who contribute to it, the goal of our journal will remain constant: to promote scholarship that reaffirms the value of a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the study of cultural production.


Xenophile is produced and published by the members of the Senior Seminar in Comparative Literature every spring.


Issue 2: April 25, 2014

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Editorial Team

Lydia Brambila, editor-in-chief       /     Anisha Hegde, copy-editor

Lori Keong, director of promotion  /      Ashanti Henderson, submissions editor

Ari Lieberman, faculty advisor



Issue 1: April 25, 2013


Editorial Team

Melanie Ramey, editor-in-chief     /      Adrianna Gregory, copy-editor

Yasmeen Malik, director of promotion     /     Megan Hong, submissions editor

Ari Lieberman, faculty advisor


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