The Black and Green Atlantic: Crosscurrents of the African and Irish Diasporas
Credit Hours:
3 hours

This course explores the connections that have defined the “Black and Green Atlantic” in culture, politics, race, and labor. An emerging field of study, “The Black and Green Atlantic” brings together work on the comparative dimensions of Black and Irish experiences in the Atlantic world that seeks to transcend the limiting boundaries of national and even hemispheric histories. We will focus mainly on cultural production emanating from the United States, Africa, Britain, the Caribbean, and Ireland.

We will examine work by established and emerging scholars, in tandem with a broad range of texts––works of fiction, autobiography, music, poetry, and cinema, etc. Several movies and documentaries will be shown in-class. Our methodological approach will be interdisciplinary, transnational, and transcultural in scope. The goal is to draw comparisons between the Black and Green Atlantics that go beyond the usual “influence” model, with the ultimate aim of reaching a better understanding of racialization processes in the transnational context.

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