Fundamentals of the Swahili language and culture. Emphasis on grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, and conversational skills. Additional laboratory work required.

A continuation of Elementary Swahili I. Emphasis on register variation, advanced grammar, and culture.

Introduction to complex linguistic and cultural structures, role of culture in language learning, reading and writing of literary texts, social history of the language.

A continuation of Intermediate Swahili I. Introduction to literary texts, poetry, newspapers and magazines, and everyday language use.

Exploration of the aspects of Swahili literary history and civilization. It will provide knowledge of East Africa (not explored in regular language classes) through geography, history, political, and economic structures. The main focus will be on critical readings on Swahili literature, history…

An exploration of Swahili culture in contemporary literary texts; a discussion on how literary texts about the Swahili language and its speakers are used to manifest the culture and how external influences affect the indigenous Swahili culture. Readings of novels from the target country,…

Independent study and research in Swahili language and literature under the direction of individual faculty members. Focus on reading and analysis of Swahili literary writings (including works in translation).