Foundation in spoken and written Yoruba. Focus on oral and aural skills, basic grammar. Additional laboratory work required. Introduction to Yoruban culture.

A continuation of Elementary Yoruba I. Increased focus on grammar and culture, reading and conversation.

Focus on developing fluency in spoken and written Yoruba. Oral work geared towards building effective communication in day-to-day situations and functional tasks. Readings in authentic Yoruban texts of increasing complexity. Advanced cultural discussion.

A continuation of Intermediate Yoruba I. Introduction to additional literary texts, including poetry, newspapers, magazines.

Advanced readings, novels, thematic texts, and rhetoric. Focus on developing comprehension of textual materials. Introduction to scientific and other specialized materials.

Designed to prepare students to travel to Nigeria and for research using authentic research materials. Study of geography and of political and economic structures of Nigeria and West Africa. Focus on reading Yoruban texts.

Independent study and research in Yoruban language and literature under the direction of individual faculty. Focus is on reading and analysis of Yoruban literary texts (including works in translation from Yoruba-speaking communities in Africa and the Diaspora).

Introduction to the language, life, and culture of Yoruba- speaking people in West Africa and other parts of the World.

Seminar focusing on specific topics in Yoruba language, culture, literature, or society.